Linux Systems Consultant

Functioning as an independent consultant in IT, I focus exclusively on GNU / Linux and Open Source Technologies.

I have been with Linux since 1997, providing consolidated solutions. During this journey I have had to use innovative business development models. I have had to overcome the mindset and perceived risk of Linux solutions for enterprises.

The best way to describe what I do, is possibly here

I am eager to contribute towards supporting organisations maximise their IT performance

since 1997

I describe myself as an eclectic blend of technical and creative mindsets. Functioning as a consultant in the GNU|Linux and Open Source solutions space, I work with organisations to overcome the perceived risks of rapidly changing environments, methods, techniques and process which the IT industry has become renowned for. My experience allows me to adapt the best of cutting edge practises and merge them alongside mainstream enterprise.

"Simplify and simplify, until all contamination from relative, contradictory thinking is eliminated. (Lao-Tzu) "


What follows here, is a collection of information filtered and gathered over the years. While I have a lot offline in notes collected, I am slowly pushing my entire collection of curated information online. This is not a a blog or a howto, but more a system of operation which I use, both borrowed, adapted and self-learned. There is enough help information available on the relevant pages, and where applicable, I believe the documentation should be a part of the package/tool/site concerned. Relavant links will be provided as a guide.

All content is intended to be current, relevant and will be made available over next few months, as I get down to editing it right

Some of the Areas I work in, Each section below has further information


System Engineering

Performance Engineering, Reliability Design, Security Profiling, Cost Analysis, Integrations


Process & Systems Management

Having seen a range of methods and business use Open Source | Linux is almost every way manageable, I offer a unique perspective on adopting the open mindset into our wokcultures today. I work as a consultant, available when you are ready for a chat.


  • Discover and run applications from any device in the resource pool around you.
  • Shared Resource Computing
  • Proud to be a part of the Core team.
  • Developer Site, Learn more
  • Its use to you
  • Using Bleeding edge Technologies, sandboxing
  • Free to Use, GPL Licensed!
  • Best Developer Award in Uvac 2006
  • A tool for working, playing and learning, using software securely from people near you.

Real Questions (Australia)

  • Architecture Design
  • Painstaking built to ensure longevity
  • Designed to Engage and Enhance discussion
  • Efficient Code, designed to scale
  • Build strong Questions to our Political Leadership
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  • Code on github! Core operations released as AGPL 3
  • Not-For-Profit Group
  • Political Accountability Space

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