A Chapter Ends, Another Begins

Early April 2022, over a year after pandemic related delays, I attended my convocation ceremony. It was good to meet my peers & the AIB faculty. Some pics are above.

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be -- Douglas Adams"

Something about me many do not realise, my Technology career was quite accidental. It was never meant to be such. I was having fun & ended up pushing for standardised solutions instead. A fairer playing ground with peers across the tech landscape. The goal, was to spur innovation & freedom for the user in the growing tech industry & marketplace.

This was 1998, a very different time. Siloed solutions, which were growing apart. Had just scored an awesome 97% in my ScoUnix course way back in 1996/7 & my professor handed me a disc I could take home & install. It contained this new Operating system people were working on. 

This was the GNU|Linux community. What began as a fun exercise, ended up being a career. Embedded Software Engineer, Kernel Developer, Linux Specialist, DevOPs, Consultant, Tech Strategy. It all added up & grew as a career does, across a bunch of startups & established organisations.

That set of tools which I cut my teeth on, would go on to power the cloud as we know it today. As my experience (across startups and enterprise) grew so did my business skills. I found myself more on the business side and enjoying it. By 2018, over 20 years later, the entire tech landscape had grown leaps & bounds.

An MBA through AIB allowed me to leverage a diverse set of experiences. It offered a new enhanced & adapted career path. Guided by experience both past & present, I earned the qualification. That journey which began in 2018, led me to my current role which I am relishing. Thank you ISC / MLA for providing me with the chance to utilise my skills more effectively.