Any good solution, factors in the undocumented. Tricks of the trade, often too vast and too complex to document down properly. How we face these challenges, can only be learnt, by experience. Trying to describe, just what it is I do, is what this site is about.

I do not see IT solutions as a technological build. I see it as a Crafting process. A bunch of little items which need to be seamlessly sewn together, into a vibrant, functional and beautiful fabric.

Simplify and simplify, until all contamination from relative, contradictory thinking is eliminated. (Lao-Tzu)

Functioning mostly as an independent consultant, I focus exclusively on GNU / Linux and Open Source Technologies. I believe there is a strong need for the Open Culture in the Industry.

Working autonomosly at various periods during my career, I’ve come to appreciate the need for strong business models. The ‘Holy Grail’ of sorts for the future is really about how can we better adopt this culture into our professional work lives.

Descibing myself as a passionate blend of technical and creative mindsets, I do enjoy helping organisations overcome the perceived risks of rapidly changing environments, methods, techniques and process which the IT industry has become renowned for. My experience allows me to adapt the best of cutting edge practises and merge them alongside mainstream enterprise. Working in this space since the late 90’s, I have gained a range of experience, from embedded devices, to web-enabled process based workflow frameworks, involving a mix, from systems level code to script languages.

If you feel I can be useful, contact me for an open dicussion on how I can help.

To contact me securely use my NEW PGP key:

CF0E A577 9E26 1C54 E797 C280 2E5B 765B B977 8A31

Below is a handy copy-paste to get my public key

gpg –keyserver pool.sks-keyservers.net –recv-key CF0EA5779E261C54E797C2802E5B765BB9778A31

Old Key : 7664 6CB7 83A6 1F24 C619 7E00 FD4C 7CC4 8496 E6A0 (expired)

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