Achieved - career milestone, an MBA

Well, its done, and I am extremely excited to be able to make this announcement.I have now earned myself an 𝙈𝘽𝘼 degree.

Two years of finding every bit of time, and then some. Change is good. The fun starts now. More to come, but to get up to speed on the background to all this, read on.

Two years ago, I decided that a broader personal challenge was warranted. Something to augment my skill set and career path. 2018 for me, marked a career spanning two decades. I have now earned myself an MBA degree. Received 7 distinctions, 2 high distinctions and 3 credits spread across 12 subjects including the master’s thesis. Getting here took heaps of assignments, exams, quizzes and a lot of effort.

Thank you AIB for the not only posing a worthy challenge, but making the road here both fun and engaging. It is an experience, I will not forget.

The road here involved juggling the challenges of work alongside study, across the range of business areas. Being able to draw on past and present experience to supplement my study was a huge plus. It not only solidified the knowledge but gave me broader insight into my own experience. I learned how to better leverage and apply the knowledge gained. Reflecting back, I recognised early in my own career, the gaps present in this market segment. The role technology played, where my chosen speciality fitted and what needed to be done to bridge the gap.

A lot has changed since 1998. Change, is the only constant

My career grew in the technology sphere (somewhat accidentally), in a (then) little known fledgling market segment. There were many I learnt from and worked with. Some are no longer with us. That 'useless set of technologies that no one would ever use', is now an accepted part of Industry. GNU/Linux & the entire open source culture, has transformed business and continues to do so. The freedom to interact with the diverse, standardised set of software tools is a major game changer.

Early efforts to build a professional career, led me towards operating as a freelance consultant. Along with technical expertise, my experience with corporate and enterprise operations also grew. I quickly learned to see the broader picture and the interplay of various composing elements. Over the past two decades, have learned why some technically brilliant projects stumble. Why seemingly lacklustre projects go on to reach successful outcomes. Insights like these aided my master's thesis, which explored how enterprise can ignite their digital transformation efforts. Taking a systemic and holistic approach, it offered structure to measure efforts. It offered insight into reuse of existing resources to spark innovation within the existing workforce.

Many have asked my reasons for doing this.

Briefly, this is why - Ultimately, for me it was just time to finally separate the two parts of my career. This, now allows me to refocus my technical skills on what I call "non-commercial" type projects. These are all open licensed, with some on my radar that more closely align to my technical interests. From a commercial and career perspective, this now frees me up to focus better on business aligned outcomes. It effectively decouples from my career, what was initially a hobby.

Eager to explore this new road and where it leads. There is more to come on this, which I will update on as appropriate. For now, If you think we can work together, feel free to contact me to explore ways we can innovate.

Also, if you are amongst the many who were wondering where and why I "disappeared", now you know :)