Hey! Welcome, nice of you to drop by.

Here you will find a collection of ramblings and various bits of tech stuff strewn around. Stuff I have played or playing with, stuff I have learnt. Mostly my own private view of the world from the little corner I occupy. Some of the blogs here are been pulled in from my musings and writings over the years from various sources, some adapted, some not (this will grow as I get down to it). A lot of the content here is “living” and dates reflect as such.

Having begun my career in 1997, I have seen & been a part of the growth of Linux, Open Source since its early days to its adoption by industry today.

An eclectic blend of technology and business skill-sets, amongst the things I enjoy doing professionally is helping organizations maximise IT performance & overcome the challenges faced in their proper adoption.

No stranger to development, having begun my career in coding and still keep my range of skills current. Over time, I have been responsible for delivering solutions across a range of domains, enabling projects to be executed in the short term and ensured longer term benefits.

My site has been idle to long, but thats mostly because I have been real busy.

As mentioned, this site + infrastructure is being rebuilt completely, now that I have magically found more time - Thank you AIB MBA :)