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Anything that needs to be done regularly, should be scripted.

This (in)famous line, is really the driving force behind all the technologies, systems & countless buzzwords that we have an industry have come up over the years in an ongoing effort to improve.

Having spent large sections of my career in development & operations backed by an ever growing knowledge of current security practices, this section of the section of site attempts to collect together my own knowledge base.

Those who know me well, will remember what I have often insisted on. Security and Operations should be looked at DURING the development and planning phases. It is just a waste of resources to think about these bits at a later stage. To achieve this efficiently, these steps (building the product and testing inluding security) should be automated as soon as possible, and during the build phase at the latest (In reality this is always an ongoing process, and should remain so). These set of steps are what we as an Industry currently call “DevSecOps”


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