Originally hosted at Github https://github.com/erlepereira/govhackau2015, have pulled it inside here for now. Why ? well, blame the recent acquisition rumors :) * currently openID on here is not active, it will be shortly. dated: 4 June 2018
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FROM alpine
MAINTAINER Erle Pereira <erle@erlepereira.com>
ENV neohome /usr/local/neo4j-server
ENV neolib /var/lib/neo4j-server
RUN apk --update add openjdk7-jre-base wget bash
RUN wget http://neo4j.com/artifact.php?name=neo4j-community-2.2.2-unix.tar.gz -O /tmp/neo4j.tar.gz && \
adduser -h ${neohome} -S neo4j && \
addgroup neo4j && \
cd /tmp && \
mkdir neo4j && \
tar -zxf neo4j.tar.gz -C ./ && \
rm neo4j.tar.gz && \
mv neo4j-community-2.2.2/* ${neohome} && \
ln -s ${neohome}/bin/neo4j /usr/local/bin/neo4j && \
mkdir ${neolib} && \
chown -R neo4j:neo4j ${neohome} && \
chown -R neo4j:neo4j ${neolib}
VOLUME ${neolib}
ADD etc/init.d/neo4j /etc/init.d/neo4j
ADD conf/neo4j-server.properties ${neohome}/conf/neo4j-server.properties
ADD conf/neo4j.properties ${neohome}/conf/neo4j.properties
ADD conf/neo4j-wrapper.conf ${neohome}/conf/neo4j-wrapper.conf
ADD conf/neo4j.conf /etc/security/limits.d/neo4j.conf
RUN chmod +x /etc/init.d/neo4j
USER neo4j
CMD ["neo4j", "console"]