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The how of it

I have been working with Linux solutions since 1997. During this journey, I have adapted business development models & methods to overcome mindsets and perceived risks of Linux solutions for enterprises.
Any good solution, factors in the undocumented. Tricks of the trade, often too vast and too complex to document down properly.

How we face these challenges, can only be learnt, by experience.
Trying to describe what I do, is what this site is about...


Any Developer will tell you, with passion and a bit of experience under your belt, the art of coding ceases to be a chore, and extends beyond into the realm of poetry.


Beyond Blind Development, Quality supportable code requires stresses communication, collaboration and integration between developers and other aspects of IT

System Engineering

Increasingly important, is the need to adapt faster. Getting things to work right now, and down its lifespan. Stuff like Performance Engineering, Reliability Design, Security Profiling, Integrations

As the saying goes, "a carpenter is only as good as his tools"... My tools of choice are those from the GNU | Linux | Open Source solution stack. Built, tested and maintained by an ever growing community worldwide. Some of these incredible tools are part of that kit.

The What of IT

An eclectic blend of technical and creative mindsets, I focus on GNU|Linux and Open Source solutions space. Love working together with organisations to overcome the perceived risks of rapidly changing environments, techniques and process which the IT industry has become renowned for. My experience allows me to adapt the best of cutting edge practises and merge them alongside mainstream enterprise. Some of my work, both past & current...

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Survivability & Info. Assurance
Web Portal Politics
Real Questions (Australia)
Tisya Microsystems

Career Overview

“nothing that is worth knowing can be taught” ― Oscar Wilde

  • 1997-2002

    Linux, Embedded Devices

    Amongst getting the hang of Linux in an enterprise setting and other palm type devices, worked to bring out a computing device, breaking away from most traditional theories at that time, portable & the culmination of over four years of research and development. To Run it, Nevy OS the new name of the 'Indy' operating system, and probably the first Operating System from the Indian sub-continent.

  • July 2003 - Jan 2010

    ERP, Data Warehousing

    Moved onto a ERP Data warehousing project. Learnt a lot about tracking bits on information, and building screens to report valuable information. The interface was was built taking into consideration its operation by both advanced users, and by new-users not familiar with computing devices. Needless to say, the entire solution stack, down to the workstations being used on the factory floor were all running Linux end-to-end.

  • April 2008

    Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever

    Moved to Australia as a permanent resident

  • October 2008

    Web Systems, Development Operations

    Web portals, getting CMS engines to behave well, leveraging Linux knowledge to help the enterprises gain those vital edges. Things like tweaking web infrastructure, improving website load times from 2 seconds to approximately 750 milliseconds. These need a deeper understanding of memory handling of the Linux kernel and database (mysql) operations across multi core cpus. Also called devops in new-age terminology.

  • May 2009

    eBrainPool, a concept takes root

    A unique take on distributed computing. It enables its users to discover and run software from any device around them. Auto creates its own network in the absence of usual network devices. It can isolate an application and separate out its core & display components, allowing for distributed usage of any software on its running platform.

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Some of the talented people I work with

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Erle Pereira

Linux & Open Source Systems

Brian Dsouza

Media (Broadcast)

Jatin Golani

Geek & Entrepreneur

So this is my version of the how and what of IT. Only you can answer the remaining questions, the Why, Where and When.

You could perhaps, start by contacting me/us ;)

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