Erle Pereira MBA(EntMgt)

Business Strategist with Intellectual Property skills

International Speaker, Recovering Technologist, Creator of RRADD Strategy, Mentor

Erle was able to ensure that our project substantially avoided the common pitfalls, and translate the technical vision into a manageable process that worked for the organisation.
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Introducing RRADD strategy™

a transformative framework poised

for its public debut


Topics underpinned by the

RRADD Strategy Model, targeted at your audience

Self actionable

It's non prescriptive design makes it a great accelerator of your talented workforce

Research based

Based on current management science, it was originally part of my MBA thesis (late 2020)

Low Impact

Designed for Easy, Quick usage as an adaptable 5-point model to help spark ingenuity.


RRADD specific workshops and team engagements via


RRADD is Implementable as a facilitative framework, across any industry & at every level