Erle Pereira, MBA (EntMgt)

"...Tertiary qualifications in IT and Physics alongside an MBA Degree, with a sophisticated understanding of IT's opportunities and challenges"

Research Thesis

In 2020, my MBA thesis presented an enterprise-wide strategy for Innovation. Introduced as a five-point framework, systematically implementable at different levels and varying pace.

Business Consulting

20 years helping business leverage commercial value from the fledging open source industry, led me down the Management pathway. It was time, to call time on my tech career.

Tech Leadership

Advised on IT strategy, together with DevOps across various firms. These days, my tech skills are pure passion driven. Pioneered delivery
of Linux based solutions to Industry during the early years.

Linux +20 years

Introduced to Linux after scoring 97% in SCO UNIX certification. Navigated Its turbulent past (since 1998) to the present day. Gained valuable real world experience in managing change, finding value.

2021 Update - REBUILD in progress.

✔ MBA done (2018 - 2020) - A good wrap for +20 years focussed on career tech.

☆ While I am still temporarily available, the range & scope of work has changed. More to come on this as things progress.

↻ Site & Infrastructure is evolving & being rebuilt to meet my future career needs.

☆ Older tech related tools are now at the portal site instead (most need a password or a direct URL).

Amongst the Roadmap, both short & long term:

  • Strategy Tool based on thesis research, is in development
  • Tech Stack backing it, is serverless based Infrastructure
  • Adaptable 5 point framework to drive innovation, internally
  • It will be microservice based - deployable internally by firms